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Access to the materials collected

As of late 2007, we had collected some 350 hours of tape with over two hundred informants. Most of the material is available for consultation by bona fide scholars. To access sample quotations from transcripts and extracts from the sound recordings or to view the list of informants, click on the buttons on the left hand side. 

More extensive consultation of our on-line archive is possible by agreement with the director of the archive, Professor Catriona Kelly, who should be contacted in writing, with an outline of reasons for wanting to consult the material and of academic credentials. Please send your request to the following address:

Professor C. H. M. Kelly

New College

Oxford, OX1 3BN


Those wishing to arrange full access will be asked to sign an agreement guaranteeing full acknowledgement to the project for material used and anonymity for the informants in case of citation.

For  preliminary enquiries only, please contact: catriona.kelly@new.ox.ac.uk


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